Prices & Gift Certificate 料金 & ギフト券

USD $95     per regular session

The sessions usually take 1 hour. However, sessions for severe ailments such as multiple sclerosis or cancer usually take more than 1 hour. The prices are the same for sessions both in person or distant healing. I accept payments in cash, personal check, via PayPal, or Venmo.

Know someone who can use some good healing for their body and mind? Make your loved ones happy with my beautiful gift certificate!Gift Certificate PH

日本語 Japanese(金額米ドル)

  • $95  普通の治療 1 回

ヒーリングセッションは1回につき普通1時間かかります。MS(多発性硬化症)や癌などの重病の場合は通常1時間以上かかります。料金は遠隔治療でも変わりはありません。お支払い方法は現金、チェック、PayPal, Venmoを受け付けております。



3 thoughts on “Prices & Gift Certificate 料金 & ギフト券”

  1. K-
    I dont see where to order the $20 session for my son… please let me know where to order it. send me a text at 512.589.4723 or email for info on where to order
    thanks mary

    1. Hi Mary, you can just send me a message from the Contact page. I’ll send you the email for the payment. Or, you can give it to me in person. I’ll talk to you soon and thank you!

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