About Me 自己紹介

When I started to receive Pranic Healing®, I was skeptical because another energy healing modality, reiki, had not provided results that convinced me other than just relaxing effects. Even then, I wondered if I felt relaxed because I’d lied down for an hour. I was skeptical even a while after I started to work on my own clients, too. However, every time I used a Pranic Healing® technique I saw results even with people who were skeptical of these things. Some of the results were miraculous. I was and still am surprised when I see results from Pranic Healing®, often more surprised than the clients are. Now I look at it more as a highly advanced science than a so-called “spiritual” thing, which is often said that it’s something we can’t prove or explain.

I am a performing/recording musician, Japanese tutor/author, model/actor in Austin, TX. I moved here from Japan when I was 19 and am fully bilingual. I do not practice any one particular religion. In the past I have practiced Sufism with a Sufi master, Adnan Sarhan. I enjoy the meditations and teachings of Buddhism from various regions and the teachings of Jesus Christ, especially now with Esoteric Study Group of Pranic Healing®.

I have graduated from and also served a weekend course of More To Life (powerful combination of spirituality and advanced psychology such as bioenergetic exercise). I have been familiar with the law of attraction taught by Abraham Hicks. I’m also familiar with the yin and yang theory, macrobiotics, and conventional Chinese feng shui. Although I don’t do verbal counseling during my sessions, the knowledge and tools I’ve learned  from those modalities/teachings sometimes seem to help my clients see things in a different light or let go of old guilt or attachment during the Pranic Psychotherapy® sessions if they ask my advice.


Japanese translation coming soon. 日本語訳もうしばらくお待ちください。


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