Testimonials お客様の声

1. Michelle M. (39 y.o. female): Personally available for reference!

A serious head and neck injury several years ago, left my cranial and neck bones physically misaligned, which not only affected my appearance and ability to accomplish many physical activities, but it left me in constant pain, including piercing pain through my ears and jaw, along with relentless dizziness and balance problems, memory issues, difficulty thinking and speaking, trouble breathing, and so on. After seeing every type of doctor imaginable, including many “world renowned” doctors, I was basically told that the location of the injury made it too risky to perform surgery, and that I would “need to learn to live with this.” Additionally, I have a condition called endometriosis, which causes chronic pelvic pain, for which I’ve undergone three surgeries. After running out of traditional medical resources, I began trying alternative treatments for these conditions, including:  acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic care, osteopathy, cranial-sacral therapy, physical therapy, nutritional treatments, meditation, hypnosis, massage, past life regression, reiki, psych-k, crystal light healing, and more. While chiropractic care, osteopathy and meditation did help, the quickest, most immediate, and lasting effects began with my first Pranic Healing session with Kazki. In all honesty, I had lost hope that anything would truly work, but was pleasantly surprised when I actually started feeling better the day after my first session with Kazki. I couldn’t tell exactly what was different, but noticed not feeling “as bad as normal.” At this stage, I didn’t understand Pranic Healing, and waited 4 weeks to return for a second session; and once again, I was surprised with similar results. At this point, some of my skepticism began to disappear and I went back for additional sessions with greater frequency, due to the complexity and chronic nature of my then condition.

What really amazed me even more, is that with Pranic Healing and the Twin Hearts Meditation, it seems as though little “miracles” begin appearing in your life. Though I could list several, the most significant occurred a few days after my first session with Kazki. I discovered a chiropractor, after seeing many previously with little result, who was able to use a very precise machine to adjust my atlas bone, which has also aided my healing in a quite dramatic way. Interestingly, when I see my chiropractor after a session with Kazki, I have amazing and lasting results; however, if I see her when there has been a lapse in Pranic Healing, my adjustments seem to be less accurate and don’t stick as well. At this point, my physical pain is SIGNIFICANTLY less, my dizziness occurs MUCH less frequently, I no longer have trouble breathing nor feel faint, my allergies are better, and it seems that my sugar cravings have disappeared. My facial and neck bones are even realigning.

To put this into perspective, please understand that I was seeing some doctors up to 3 times per week for the last 4 years, and had spent nearly $20,000 per year on treatments; yet in only a few months with Kazki, I saw more steady, remarkable, and lasting improvements. I highly recommend Pranic Healing with Kazki! I am a skeptic at heart, and understand that this methodology is not traditional and may sound crazy, but I am beyond thankful, that I gave it a try. I can’t say enough about how this has changed my life!

2. Anilyn – Designer / Mother of two sons

Kazki is a talented person and healer. His presence and work is very soothing and effective. I have found his work to be helpful to me for things both big and small. I highly recommend his services!

Some other cases I’ve worked on.

1. Stopping Bleeding & Closing A Fresh Cut 

I cut myself with a tin can. About 3 minutes after the cut was made I started shooting this video of the whole process. It took me about 20 minutes to close the wound completely.

2. Broken Bone & Tinnitus – Remote Healing, Japan (female 63 yo)

These sessions were done remotely while the client was in Japan and I was in the USA. She’d been suffering from ringing in the left ear for 10 years. It completely went away after 3 sessions. 3 days after the third session she fell and broke her left wrist (distal radius fracture). After the surgery the doctor told her if she is lucky and heals fast, she’d only need to be in a small cast. I worked on her every day for 19 days. When they removed the cast, the doctor said she no longer needed a cast. She started physical therapy afterwards.

3. Claustrophobia (female, 27 yo)

Her claustrophobia was so severe that she could not even get a hug from her husband because she felt like she’d suffocate. She was very skeptical of Pranic Healing and of other spiritual matters but she gave it a try. When asked how she felt about her phobia after the first session, she kept saying, “I don’t know. I don’t know! It’s not there!” like she couldn’t remember what her phobia was. She almost looked upset and said, “I have to go home and ask my husband to give me a hug!” and left. Two days later, she told me that she got a hug from her husband. She didn’t freak out. Then, they went inside a closet and he hugged her. She was fine. She told me that it completely went away after one session.

4. Insomnia (male 50 yo, female 45 yo)

The male client was taking sleeping pills to sleep at the time. The female client had not slept more than 1 or 2 hours per night for two months. They both started to nod off as soon as I started to work on them, and they could not even sit up straight. So, I had them lie down and did the rest of the session while they snored away. The male client slept till the morning without the pills. The female client slept for 7 hours that night.

5. Headache – Remote Healing Over The Phone, USA (female 45 yo)

She called to tell me about her horrible headache with pressure in the back of the head. She sounded scared and irritated because it was not going away. While I was on the phone with her, I did the distant healing. In a minute or two she said, “I feel better now. I think I’ll go lay down.”