After Care アフターケア

Guidelines to follow after Pranic Healing Sessions

NOTE: If you ever experience averse reactions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m able to work on you remotely to relieve the reactions.


Preferably do not wash or shower 12-24 hours after sessions. Water washes away the energy medicine. This further allows the assimilation of energy in the emotional and physical body.


Eat light meals and abstain from red meats for 12-24 hours. Red meat requires much energy to digest and is also a low form of energy. Avoid eating pork, eel, or catfish for the best healing results. Energetically, they are the dirtiest and lowest form of food.


Try to rest after the session. Follow your normal routine but no excessive exercise or activities.


Try to keep your thoughts and actions focused positively. This allows the healing energy to be more fully absorbed. Mentally repeating the affirmation that I call CDP: “I completely, deeply, and permanently accept all the healing energy, with thanks and in full faith!” several times throughout the next two days can also assist the process.


Begin taking salt baths on a regular basis if your ailment is severe. At least 2-3 times a week. This cleanses the energy field around the body, helping it to stay cleaner and healthier, which can accelerate the rate of healing.

  • HOW TO MAKE A SALT WATER BATH: Use 1-3 pounds of regular table salt or rock salt. Dead Sea salt works the best but it need not be expensive sea salt. Table salt works well, too. However, Epsom salt does NOT work well. I use a 40lb. bag of Pool Salt from Home Depot for $7 and it works great. Dissolve the salt in a bath of water. If you add several drops of lavender essential oil in the water, it’d work even better. Fill tub enough to cover entire body (up to the neck). Wash your face to cleanse the two major chakras on the forehead. Arch your head back to submerge your crown, but if you prefer not to let salt water touch your hair, it’s fine not to (salt water works as natural hair volumizer). Soak for 20-30 minutes (no more than 30 mins) and follow with a regular shower to wash off the salt water. The water is for one bath one person. IF YOU START TO FEEL DRAINED, YOU MAY GET OUT AT ANY TIME.
  • SALT SHOWER: If you don’t have access to a bathtub, this method works too. Take a container of fine salt (again, preferably not Epsom salt) with you into the shower, pour a small portion into your palm and then rub it onto your skin, one body part at a time. Pay special attention to your front and back solar plexus chakras (the hollow area between your ribs and the area directly behind it). Rub the salt on in counterclockwise circles. Allow it to stay on the skin for about 15 seconds, then wash it off.


Practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts will help to continue the cleansing and healing process, as well as facilitate a state of peace and clarity. However, when practicing the meditation regularly, people under these categories need to be careful or may avoid the meditation. NOTE: If you plan to drive or operate heavy machinery afterward, eating a small piece of chocolate helps you get grounded.

1) Persons below 16 years old

2) Person with heart ailments, hypertension, or glaucoma

3) Pregnant women / Pregnant women with a history of miscarriage

4) Persons who consume pork, eel, catfish, smoking, alcoholic drinks excessively, and addictive & hallucinogenic drugs

5) Persons who start to experience pain or severe discomfort after doing this meditation

Streaming Meditation on Twin Hearts



Forgiveness releases and transmutes the lower negative energy to the higher healing energy. This further helps the healing, especially in psychotherapy, back pain, or high blood pressure! Even if you’re not aware of any present anger or think you’ve overcome negative feelings of the past, the energy may be still lingering and making you ill and creating blockages in your life. If you feel attached to someone with anger, sadness, etc. This helps. If you can’t think of anyone, forgive YOURSELF. This technique is very simple. Click on the link below and scroll down for the 22 minute video for the technique. Just listen and follow along with Master Co. Or, watch the 50 minute video to understand why it works, energetically.

Streaming Practice on Forgiveness

8. Superbrain Yoga®

This exercise equalizes and activates both hemispheres of the brain by sending the energy from the lower chakras up to the brain. It enhances the memory and clarity of the mind, and is particularly helpful for people with autism and alzheimer’s. Over practicing this may cause pranic congestion in the head area.


  • Face east. For old people, face north.
  • Do this exercise 14 or 21 times. If you can only do the semi-squat version, you may do it 50-70 times.
  • Breathing in and out through the nose is more powerful than through the mouth.
  • Keep your back as straight as you comfortably can.
  • DO NOT do the Superbrain Yoga 2 days before, during and 2 days after menstruation.
  • Performing this before the Meditation on Twin Hearts gives you more powerful meditation.
  • You may do this up to twice a day.

Superbrain Yoga®  Video (the instructions start at 3:12)















③左親指と人差し指で右の耳たぶを軽くつまむ。親指が耳たぶの前 (顔の方) を向くようにする。

④右親指と人差し指で左の耳たぶを軽くつまむ。親指が耳たぶの前 (顔の方) を向くようにする。





Make sure you do this after you finish the Meditation on Twin Hearts. This breathing exercise is optional. It cleanses and energizes you! If you often feel tired or work long hours, this can help you a lot. I’ve noticed that my body has gotten stronger; the skin, hair, and muscle tones improved. Try this 13 minutes long exercise with the video and see how it works for yourself! And, no cold drinks, food, or shower for several hours after to avoid energetic congestion and to retain the prana inside you.

The Nine Energizing Breaths


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